How to use WSB Brands

How to use WSB Brands

Display options

Brand can be shown on product details page and product category page in several predefined positions. Also, on single product page you can enable or disable aditional tab named “Brand info” which contains  brand’s name, logo, description and link to its website.

On brand archive page you can show or hide a logo, or display it on the left or right side of the brand name.

All display options can be managed on the Woocommerce => Settings page, in a Brands tab.


Recommended for use on “Shop by brands” page.
Shortcode with default values: [brands_page grid=”4″ logo_height=”40″ show=”both” hide_empty=”no” count=”yes”]
If you are happy with default values, you can use just [brands_page] instead. Also you can use only
those parameters that you want to change, for example: [brands_page logo_height=”50″ grid=”3″]

Parameters and possible values:
– grid: 1-6 (number of columns)
– logo_height: any numeric value for height in pixels
– show: name, logo, both
– hide_empty: yes, no (show or hide brands which are not assigned to any product)
– count: yes, no (Show number of products next to brand name)


Shows list of brand names as menu in a sidebar or any other widget position.
Links point to the brand archive pages.

  • Show/Hide empty Brands
  • Show/Hide products count for each brand in the list

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