WSB Brendovi – Postavke

WSB Brendovi – Postavke

WSB Brands settings page you can find under WooCommerce settings page, in a separate tab with “Brands” label.

This is the place where you can manage following:

  1. General settings
  2. Single product options
  3. Brand page options
  4. Product listing options

General settings

  • Main term: this is where you can choose the main term to use across the website.
    Available options:
  • Show in cart: you can display brand under product in the shopping cart
    Options: Yes / No

Single product options

  • Show brand: here you can choose how to show the brand (name, logo, with or without link to the brand archive page)
    Available options:
    None: no brand will be shown
    Name only
    Logo only
    Name with link
    Logo with link
  • Show label: if checked, the label “Brand:”  will be shown next to the brand name or logo (on the left side).
  • Logo height: numeric value that represents height of the logo image in pixels. Set number that work best for your theme.
  • Display position: where to show the brand?
    Available options:
    After short description (excerpt)
    After “Add to cart”
    After Meta
    After sharing
  • Brand info tab: if checked, custom tab with brand info will be shown on a product details page

Brand page options

  • Show logo: if checked, the brand logo will be shown in a page header
  • Logo height: max logo height in pixels
  • Logo position
    Available options:
  • Show page title: this is actually brand name and here you can disable it if you want to show logo only
  • Header background: set desired background for the header using color picker.
  • Header border thickness: numeric value for thickness of header border in pixels
  • Header border color: color picker control for border color

Product listing options

Options to display product brand on listing pages (product category)

  • Show brand
    Available options:
    Name with link: link points to the brand page
    Name only
  • Display position
    Available options:
    After product name
    On top
    After price
  • Show label: if checked, label “Brand:” will be shown nex to the brand name

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