WSB Brands plugin for Woocommerce

WSB Brands is a free plugin for  webshops based on WordPress and WooCommerce. It registers a “Brands” taxonomy within your wordpress website and then you can add unlimited number of terms to it. These terms are brands actually and each of them can have its own logo, name, description and website URL. User interface for adding and editing brands works the same way as UI for “categories” or “tags”.

Main requirement to use this plugin is that you alredy have the WooCommerce plugin installed and enabled, because WSB Brands can not work without it.  If WooCommerce is not active, nothing bad will happen, but you will see a warning message in your WordPress dashboard.

When you install and activate plugin, you can add and edit brands, assign them to the products, show brand on category page and product details page, create “Shop by brand” page and more. Brand archive pages are created automatically so your visitors are able to see all the products of particular brand on a single page. Using standard WooCommerce product importer/exporter, you can also import and export brands along with products.

Following widgets are also part of the plugin and you can use them in any widget position in your theme:

  • Brands menu widget: displays all the brands as menu with links to the brands archive pages.
  • Brands Carousel widget: displays selected brands in a beautiful, configurable slider.

With WSB Brands plugin you are not limited to term “brand”. If “manufacturer” is more suitable for you, you can use it instead. You just need to choose preferred term in a plugin settings, and all the labels across the site will be changed.


  • Structured data supported (brand added to the product)
  • WooCommerce Coupon restriction per brands
  • Unlimited number of brands
  • Name, slug, description, website url and logo
  • Choose the term to use on the website (Brand or Manufacturer)
  • Woocommerce product export and import supported
  • Filtering products by brands in administration panel
  • Brands carousel (slider) widget
  • Brands menu (list) widget
  • Shortcode with additional options for responsive brands grid ( 1-6 columns)
  • Brand can be shown on category page and single product page
  • “Brand info” tab on product details page, can be turned off /on
  • Show or hide label “Brand:” on product and category pages
  • Display brand name or logo on product page
  • Display brand in a shopping cart
  • Choose one of several predefined positions for display brand on product and category pages
  • Set max logo height in pixels
  • Ready for translations

For any question, feature request or problem with the plugin, please contact me via contact form.

If you like this plugin, you can help its enhancement and future development with a small donation and/or by rating it on official WordPress plugins website.